The Mission:

To encourage and equip Christian men to take dominion in the name of Christ, our King, for the glory of the Father by the power of the Spirit.

What Is the Stoic Christian Inklings?

The “Stoic Christian Inklings” is a collection of ideas and pondering assembled to encourage every brother in Christ to commit to our King, through lives that reflect His goodness and glory.

The best way to achieve this is by following the example of Christ’s masculinity because Jesus Christ embodied perfect masculinity. If you want to be a good man who is good at being a man, you must follow His example.

This newsletter is here to get you thinking theologically about what it means to be a Biblical man. One that strives to live a life according the Bible and no other standard. Whether you’re a father, a husband, a student, a professional, or any man seeking spiritual growth.

The Stoic Christian Inklings aim to help you navigate the challenges of life with faith and biblical wisdom.

Why the Stoic Christian Inklings?

We, as Christian men, face unique challenges in this world. A world that is tirelessly pushing to make us effeminate and weak. When the world is not pushing us to be weak, it is pushing us to be strong selfishly pursuing success, sexual prowess, wealth, fitness, or power.

But true fulfillment comes not from material possessions or worldly achievement. It comes from a life lived in service to Jesus Christ, the only King.

This newsletter is dedicated to digging into the Bible to discover the gems of our King’s masculinity and sharing them with you. The goal is to help you find your sense of purpose and meaning as a Christian man along with me.

What’s Inside the Stoic Christian Inklings?

You will find articles based on studies which stem from spending time in the Bible, Lord’s Day Worship, and fellowship with brothers in Christ.

Topics including fatherhood, marriage, leadership, work-life balance, faith, and personal growth.

The goal is to offer practical advice, inspiration, and wisdom that you can apply to your own life.

More Than Just a Newsletter…

The “Stoic Christian Inklings” is more than just a newsletter. It’s a community of like-minded men who share your values and beliefs.

The journey of faith is not one that we can make alone. We need the support and guidance of others who are on the same path.

Join us by subscribing to the newsletter and becoming part of the community of men who commit to living their lives according to the Bible, and who are eager to learn, grow, and share their experiences.

If you’re just starting out on the journey of faith, or you’re a seasoned Christian looking for new insights and perspectives, I invite you to subscribe to the “Stoic Christian Inklings”.

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Thoughts on Biblical masculinity to edify Christian men in taking dominion for our Lord Jesus Christ.


Helping my brothers in Christ learn what I it means to be a biblical man. So they reflect God's glory to their wives and children.