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002: You Are Called To Be a Warrior of the Faith

002: You Are Called To Be a Warrior of the Faith

How Chivalry Relates to the Modern Christian Man

In this episode of the Stoic Christian Podcast, Jaron, the founder of the Stoic Christian Project, delves into the concept of chivalry rooted in knighthood and its lessons for modern Christian men.

The discussion contrasts historical chivalry with today's understanding, emphasizing the importance of a balanced life that integrates both meekness and strength. Jaron draws comparisons between knights and Christian men, highlighting how Christ exemplifies the ultimate model of manliness—strong, courageous, yet gentle.

He stresses the necessity for Christian men to be spiritually militant, combating sin and evil while fostering godly homes and families. Through scriptural examples and Christ's teachings, Jaron encourages men to embody true masculinity by being gentle with their loved ones and fierce in the face of spiritual battles.

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The Inklings
The Stoic Christian Podcast
Audible thoughts on Biblical masculinity to edify Christian men in taking dominion for our Lord Jesus Christ.
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